Hello Queens! 

I’m Dr. Shawneya Ellis and I assist women to shift from pain to power and from being built from the fire to becoming the FIRE! For over 8 years I have specialized in helping women that have endured traumatic experiences to heal and rise from the ashes and to develop a strategy to share their story for the purpose of launching their vision and developing multiple streams of income. These women have taken a journey of healing, spiritual and individual growth, birthed books under my publishing company, written stage plays, developed and thrived in their business and vision from utilizing the strategy from my coaching.

Does This Sound Like You?

I have a powerful message but I’m struggling on how to share it effectively.” 


“My story should be written in a book, but I don’t know where to start.”  


“My book is amazing, but I need it edited and published in excellence.”  


“All of my life I was considered an underdog and sometimes the pain of what I’ve been through is too much to even think about launching out and pursuing my dreams.”  

Level Up and Write!

5 Week Virtual Course

Are you ready to turn your writing dreams into reality? Whether you’re an aspiring author with a story to tell or someone who’s been contemplating writing a book, join our Virtual 5-Week Course and embark on a transformative journey to become a published author!

What to Expect:

Week 1: Finding Your Writing Voice and Message

Week 2: Crafting a Compelling Outline and Story

Week 3: Developing Unforgettable Chapters

Week 4: Perfecting Your Writing Style and Book Contents

Week 5: Creating a Captivating Bio and Synopsis

“Be your Own Beautiful”

Shares stories from the author that have NEVER been told. It is real, relatable, and transparent but most of all it has inspiration, strategy, and opportunity to implement the tools given. Allow yourself to let go of self-criticism, imperfections, and flaws by taking a journey of evolution. You are not alone in this!! 

Do you struggle with being too hard on yourself, or feel as if what you do is never good enough?

Do you have issues with loving yourself, just as you are?

Do you need help to break through old mindsets to evolve into an authentic you?

Are you an influencer that transforms lives, but struggle behind closed doors or within yourself?

What does it mean to be your own beautiful? Being your own Beautiful is owning and boldly living in the uniqueness that God has called you to! 

If you answered yes to any of those questions this book is for you!!! Get your autographed copy today! 


NEW!!! Hungry for Healing Book 

“To live a life of abundance and walk in your purpose, you must be hungry for healing.”

Now more than ever, we have seen the impact of dealing with back-to-back grief, loss, trauma, pain, unhealthy relationships, and hit after hit to the point of feeling hopeless. Healing has taken a back seat to busyness, competing priorities, the need to pretend everything is okay, and being unwilling to confront our pain.

In order to live a life of abundance and walk in our God-given purpose, we must be Hungry for Healing. Don’t allow another season to go by without experiencing wholeness, freedom, peace, and a new way of being. 

This book is powerful and speaks from the heart of God. I share heart-wrenching moments and God-given strategies to start your healing journey. There is a version of yourself that you haven’t tapped into yet! It’s time to heal for real.

All proceeds go to the mission of the Healing Center. (We provide support to survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking) 


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