Best Selling Author, Shawneya Ellis is an Inspirational Speaker, Minister, Consultant, Magazine Contributor, and Playwright.  Shawneya is a Vision Strategist and the Creative Director of “Mogul Mind Consulting,” for the visionary and first time author. Shawneya is the CEO of Shawneya Ellis Productions, LLC which houses Church Girlz Rock, Moguls in the Making, Teen Mogul, Young Gents, Mogul Mind Workshops, The Over-Comer Experience and more. In addition to mentoring young women Mrs. Ellis conducts workshops and sessions to a diverse population…



This autobiography tells the story of what one young girl had to do to survive. It reflects how she overcame numerous trials and tribulations to become a fearless Woman of God. You will laugh and you will cry. You will be captivated and unable to put it down. But most of all, you will Praise God from whom all blessings flow and appreciate the author for stepping out on faith to help others who are or who have been in her situation. Many times we don’t know the words in which to pray in the times we need God the most. For your edification there are over-comer tools and prayers used to combat that lifestyle. These are little nuggets that the author has learned along the way. The trials of this author come from a real place and speak to the hearts of not just Christians but any woman who has had to endure the trials of this life.




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Shawneya Ellis depicts the realness of marriage, love, success, and family through this powerful sequel, Memoirs of an Overcomer 2. This autobiography gives the real life experiences and lessons that Mr and Mrs. Ellis has learned along the way. With the inspiration and testimony of her husband William; Mrs. Ellis gives hope and encouragement to married as well as single individuals. The accounts of this sequel are intended to give the testimony of how one couple overcame the odds despite the obstacles thrown at them. Memoirs of an Overcomer 2 is real, transparent, and relatable to marriages of today!

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