Best Selling Author, Shawneya Ellis is an Inspirational Speaker, Minister, Consultant, Magazine Contributor, and Playwright.  Shawneya is a Vision Strategist and the Creative Director of “Mogul Mind Consulting,” for the visionary and first time author. Shawneya is the CEO of Shawneya Ellis Productions, LLC which houses Church Girlz Rock, Moguls in the Making, Teen Mogul, Young Gents, Mogul Mind Workshops, The Over-Comer Experience and more. In addition to mentoring young women Mrs. Ellis conducts workshops and sessions to a diverse population.

In November of 2014, she published the best- selling book, “Memoirs of an Over-Comer.” Shawneya is also the Co-Author to the best seller, “Dreaming the Dream” and the visionary of the hit, anthology entitled, “Mogul in the Making” empowering visionaries to launch their businesses and visions.

Mrs. Ellis has been instrumental in impacting and cultivating today’s youth. She helps to edify the community through outreach and organizing special events. Mrs. Ellis has dedicated her life to help women and men overcome brokenness, past hurts, and a state of hopelessness. It is her passion to inspire, motivate, and help a diverse population of people.

Having the honor of imparting on several news platforms, radio stations, and newspaper outlets, Shawneya declares that the pain of today will be tomorrow’s testimony!