Packaging Your Message for the Masses $40.00

The Packaging your Message for the Masses Master Class is FULL! Even though there is nothing like being in the room you can still attend the Virtual Master Class!! You will have access to all electronic documents, and replay access.  This dynamic Master Class is designed to empower women to launch out into their purpose with confidence and power! Packaging your Message for the Masses will assist YOU with telling your story in a way that is transparent, captivating, and inspiring! Maybe you have told yourself, ” I just don’t know where to begin and how to use authenticity to empower others” -let me help you! I was in your shoes, with the same dilemma, since then I have been able to tell my story in a way that has afforded me the opportunity to become a best selling author, speaker, playwright, publish magazine articles, media appearances, workshop and conference host, and so much more. I want to see you execute all of your visions and dreams!!

Do's and Don'ts of Writing Your Story

Frequently, I am asked questions on what to avoid and what to do regarding writing a story. This content will help to jump start your writing with 10 basic tips. I am passionate about seeing your story unfold so I decided to create this document just for you  

7 Keys to Kick start your Bestseller $10.00

This webinar was developed just for you!! In this course you will learn 7 Keys to help you write your book. This guide will be structure made easy!! 

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One of the questions that visionaries always ask me is, “How do you do it all without losing your mind?” The only thing I can say is you have to have balance! It sounds simple but many people struggle in this area. It is not easy being a wife, mother of 5, having a career, businesses, minister, playwright, coach, consultant, visionary strategist, workshop facilitator, author, speaker, conference host, and the list goes on. But the truth is I can not do every single last one of these things at the same time. I have to have balance! In my electronic guide entitled, “5 keys to Creating Balance as you Glow up” I give tips on keeping it all together! I always want you to have the inside scoop!